Is Samsung Galaxy 8 your next pick of smartphone

Is Samsung Galaxy 8 your next pick of smartphone?

Apart from the little annoying performance of the biometrics, Samsung galaxy note 8 is premium mobile phone at premium price. It is the smartphone for today’s high-end customers as the phone offers an exceptional user experience for anyone.

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Just the large and inviting screen of Samsung galaxy S8 is the turning point for many users as the large screen is taken a symbol of its flagship in phones. The camera result again hardly leaves the user wishing for better and the same can be said for the slick performance of the screen that works brilliantly under the touch of a finger. Since there is no doubt this premium phone demands premium price but make no mistake, it truly provides its user a premium experience.

Moreover, Samsung galaxy note 8 is all about top-notch experience with its amazing and large display screen that is truly changing users’ experience of using the phone. The phone also comes with huge power and a great camera to further add to user experience. On the other hand, the biometric unlocking is rather irritating and the pointlessness of bixby has not been well taken.

However, no matter how amazing of an experience using Samsung galaxy note 8 maybe, the launch price of this smartphone made it out of budget for Samsung brand followers to continue their practice.

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