Is PlayStation 5 Going to be More Powerful than Xbox Scorpio

Is PlayStation 5 Going to be More Powerful than Xbox Scorpio?

Damian Thong the Macquarie Research analyst wrote that the PlayStation 5 will come with the feature of 10+ teraflop of GPU, Graphic Processing Unit. Hence, it can be said that the PlayStation 5 is more likely to more powerful when compared to the Project Scorpio with the feature of 6 teraflops of GPU.,/P>

Moreover, Microsoft holds the opinion that Project Scorpio if built with powerful console from the company, with its 6 teraflops of GPU it will be provide the real 4K gaming experience with high-fidelity of virtual reality.

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However, according to a lead renderer programmer at id Software, Tiago Sousa, the 6 teraflops of power for just 4K gaming feature is no more than waste of money. He further says that this computing power could be better used with higher fidelity gaming experience such as 1080P instead of wasting the resource in 4K gaming.

Furthermore, Thong also predicted that PlayStation 5 will move up to the second half of 2018. However, launching PlayStation 5 in the year 2018 will result in awfully short life-cycle of the former version, PlayStation 4. Hence, it is also expected that Sony won’t be launching the console before the year 2019 or 2020.

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