Apple Brings some new products in market

Apple Brings Some New Products in Market

Apple’s strategy is to launch new products in market and continue to be one of the dominating force in the industry.

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During the course the year, many new Apple products are in the pipeline to be launched. During the WWDC Conference couple of months back, Apple made it quite clear how new products are on their way.

HomePad is a seven inch device by Apple available in white or black and it is anticipated to launch in December around the holiday season. This device integrates Siri with an Echo/Home like case. It can be used for checking new, weather, control other smart home devices and it also offers an enhanced music experience.

The iMac by Apple is being updated with better retina displays, Kaby Lake processors, boost in graphics and a USB-C plug-in. Moreover, a iMac Pro I also in the pipeline, it has 5K display with enhanced cooling capacity and a 8-core Xeon processor that can be further upgraded up to 18-core.

Furthermore, the new operating system of Apple, iOS11, in its beta stage has already been provided to developers. One aspect of its improvement is its multitasking on the iPad.,/P>

Apple is openly putting it out there that their bag is full of new interesting products and upgrades. It is only to see how the public and Apple followers respond to these latest range of Apple products.

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