Android – A Company’s Journey from a Nascent Idea to Leading OS

Android – A Company’s Journey from a Nascent Idea to Leading OS

This journey started in the year of 2000 with Andy Rubin, a computer programmer in USA, who was very inspired to execute nascent ideas, who also decided to end the domination of carriers that were in control of everything starting from the price to marketing practices.

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However, trying to attract carriers, team Android pitched the deal that operating system will be made available to phone manufacturers free of cost. The carriers could further modify and brand as they may like. Even then Android found it rather hard to find investors, given that carriers were resistant towards the idea of giving up control.

However, being on the brink of bankruptcy in 2004, Andy trying to better hold the situation by asking friends for money helped steady the capital flow in the company. But soon everything changed.

The co-founder of Google, Larry Page, discovered the real potential of Android and Google finally acquired Android in the year 2005. The acquisition was settled for the value of $50 million and that’s how the days of capital crunch became the thing of the past.

However, by the end of year 2007, a carrier, T-mobile, agreed to introduce Android powered smartphones and soon Android was embraced globally, becoming one of the most leading OS used around the world.

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