A Game Developers Big Decision Android or iOS

A Game Developer’s Big Decision: Android or iOS

Today, two major platforms are dominating the marketing for systems for smart phone devices, Android and iOS. However, the other OS in market have such minuscule market space that they are not really part of discussion.

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Moreover, with outstanding growth in the industry of mobile gaming, more and more developers find themselves having to take the big decision between developing an iOS or Android game. As both these systems have their own benefits and drawbacks when it comes down to game development.

The development process in Android is more time consuming than iOS. The main reason for this is that where iOS games are tested on fewer devices, Such as iPhones and iPad, the Android games need to be tested on wide range of devices.,/P>

A mobile application can generate revenue in many ways, such as app purchasing, advertising, subscription and others. However, it has been found that majority of times App store (iOS’s app distribution platform) makes more than twice the return generated by Google Play (Android’s app distribution platform).

When it comes to games, what users really care about is the quality of experience it provides. However, Android is witnessed to excel in that area. Games in iOS devices provides more of a 2D game and flat surface experience, whereas, UI elements of Google help provide more authentic gaming experience with seams, shadows and edges.

However, the decision still lies on the developers and their game vision.

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